Julian Pencilliah

Author of The Jetstream of Success

Julian Pencilliah is a businessman who is hugely invested in Quantitative Trading, Information Technology and Online Media sectors. He provides the corporate vision and intellectual frameworks to meet the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of the economic principle for his group of companies.

The Jetstream Of Success & Billionaire Mind Books

The Jetstream Of

The Jetstream of Success has been written to take the reader on a journey of self discovery. Through this journey, the indomitable nature of the human spirit is emphasized upon, along with the praticle understanding that one needs to become process orientated rather than goal orientated. What was once thought to be a simple process of, “just do it!”, is now deconstructed in The Jetstream of Success, and the reader is made aware that a major component to becoming successful is “Sophisticated Thinking”.

The Jetstream of Success- Line of Sight


This chapter was inspired by the author’s experience at the Ulusaba Game Reserve. Smiling African traditional dancers raise a cloud of crimson dust, rhythmically dancing barefooted. Throughout this display of a warm welcome we couldn’t help but wonder if we were being watched because this is the land where the big five roam freely against the backdrop of the primal African sun. The chapter culminates in a leopard going for the kill and has been written as an analogy to illustrate that we have to instinctively find our line of sight through our conscious and unconscious mind.

"Instinct is the Gap Between Thought and Emotion"
-Julian Pencilliah